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I'm sitting here on Day 3 of my salon shutdown. I am a stylist and owner of a 6 chair commission salon. 3 days in, I've already gone through the roller coaster of emotions. From denial, to fear, panic, stress, and now finally calm and at peace with what can feel like is out of our control. If you were mandated to shut down or made the choice to, I am here to tell you that you are still in control during this uncertain time.

Last night I showed up for an impromptu FB live inside my Facebook Group, Built with Balayage.

I shared my 6 Tips for creating a STRONG return from your Salon Shutdown.

This is a guide for what to do after you are shutdown. I want you to have control over your business during these uncertain times. So, I've shared my exact tactics that I'm carrying out for my salon, so you too can open back up stronger than ever!

1. Send a mass email to all of your guests and post your closing announcements on all social media platforms.

2. Call EVERY SINGLE CLIENT that was scheduled 2-3 weeks out.

3. Create a master RESCHEDULE LIST in Google Docs.

4. Block off (some)time.

5. Keep your online booking OPEN.

6. When we return...

To hear in detail, and to feel the positive community inside Built with Balayage. Watch the video above.

You GOT this, and we are in this TOGETHER.

Stay Healthy,


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